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Empowering Patients & Physicians through Genetic Research

Molecular biology and genetics hold great promise for cancer research. The Genetic Research Institute of the Desert is dedicated to empowering physicians and patients with the latest findings to help them make better healthcare decisions. We also run
training programs for high school students.

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The Importance of Genetic Information

Genetic information is an important factor in pinpointing underlying disease mechanisms that can help us determine the best methods for treatment and prevention. It is carried by a long molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which is copied and inherited across generations. DNA carries instructions for constructing and operating an organism. Various traits and features are contained in segments of DNA called genes. The study of genetic variants in the patient population helps in determining genotype association with diseases. It can also help physicians with treatment by providing valuable information on drug responsiveness and treatment options.

Our Goal

Targeted therapy approach has remarkable clinical benefit in many cancers. Now the treatments are being used to inhibit pathways activated by mutations in tumors. Studies to date have focused on the treatment of metastatic tumors, but in the future these molecular insights may lead to strategies to improve the early diagnosis of this disease, and perhaps to stratify which patients with local tumors require aggressive interventions to reduce the risk of disease recurrence and spread. This approach can be used in any disease once the molecular risk markers are established and the relative targeted therapy drugs are approved for treatment. We are not too far from achieving our goal. We are proud to say that GRID research contributions in understanding gene associations with diseases mainly cancer, multiple sclerosis and infectious diseases have been very valuable. We thank our donors, private foundations for helping us contribute new inventions and publications to the scientific community as it’s definitely not possible without your continued support.


Disease prevention is a major part of our mission. We do genotyping using DNA analysis, including polymerase chain reactions and sequencing in order to identify established risk genes and new genes associated with characteristics of the disease. We also provide genetic counseling to patients with a history of the disease in successive generations.

Personalized Treatment

Our research can be used to create personalized treatments for patients. We use gene expression analysis techniques, including RNA analysis with microarrays and quantitative polymerase chain reactions to identify differentially expressed genes between normal and tumor tissue. This information helps us identify individual aberrant pathways. Different tumors have different aberrations in signaling and the growth stimulation pathways that drive cancer growth are also different.

Learn More

Read more about our research. Genetic information gives insight into a range of different diseases, including:

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