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Training Programs for High School and Under Graduate Students

Discover a unique opportunity for high school students. The Genetic Research Institute of the Desert offers opportunities for high school students after school and in the summer. Our genetics training program includes lectures and hands-on lab experience, guided by our researchers.


After-School Program

Each year, we enroll two new students into our after-school program. Students will be exposed to advanced technologies and research in medicine. They will attend lectures on genes and disease and are asked to validate their understanding of the subject by presenting their work at the end of the project. Students are recognized for their contributions and  sponsored for participation in presitigeous AACR under graduate student caucas poster presentations and in peer- reviewed publications. 

Intensive Summer Program

During the summer, we add two more students to the program. This intensive, 10-week program is open to all under graduates from Rancho Mirage or other cities across the country who are majoring in science.

Apply Today

Our student program has been very active since 2001 and we receive more applications each year. We are working on getting more funding in order to expand the program, but we are a small organization with a limited budget, so there are always restrictions on recruitment. Get in touch with us to find out how to get the application process started.