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About Us

The Genetic Research Institute of the Desert is a not-for-profit research company based in Rancho Mirage, California. We are the first and only molecular biology research lab in the Coachella Valley area that conducts medical research in the fields of cancer, infectious diseases, neurological diseases, and genetics.

Our History

In 2000, Lawrence Arthur Cone, M.D., established the Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, merging his keen interest in infectious diseases and medical oncology with the field of genetics. Dr. Cone was Board Certified in Internal Medicine with subspecialties in Oncology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases. Dr. Cone published hundreds of clinical abstracts, research papers and medical texts. He was a sought after speaker, presenting his research abroad. His dream of starting a hands on Genetics research laboratory in the Coachella Valley was turned into reality after an enthusiastic, young medical genetics researcher from City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California approached him with the same interest. Lawrence Cone's research in the etiology of disease was extensive and far-reaching including diseases from asthma, hepatitis and endocarditis, pneumonia and sepsis to mycobacterium avium, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), multiple sclerosis breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma and lung cancer. In 2003, after reviewing GRID major work breakthrough in breast cancer Mr. John Curci agreed to provide lab space in their new Cancer Center building at Eisenhower medical Center campus built in memory of his wife Mrs. Lucy Curci. An esteemed researcher and clinical diagnostician Dr. Cone at age 81, passed away July 10, 2009 in Rancho Mirage, California. In his honor, Board of Directors at GRID and Eisenhower medical center decided to continue and extend their services to GRID. New physician researchers joined the Board to join the mission and follow Dr. Cone’s vision - GRID. Genetic Research Institute of the Desert, is now recognized as the only molecular genetics research lab conducting research and training in the Imperial Inland Empire covering all the major seven cities surrounding Rancho Mirage. Our projects main focus is understanding the potential role of gene/s in an individual in developing cancer and/or other diseases. The ultimate goal is to develop preventative and therapeutic strategies to an individual's unique genome through innovative medical research, a hall mark of Personalized medicine.

Helping Patients & Physicians

We are dedicated to helping physicians and high-risk patients by providing information gained through genetic testing and molecular biology research. By taking patient genomes into account, physicians can make better decisions about treatment and prevention. Our ultimate goal is to make our services available to everyone.

Make a Donation

Many physicians rely on us for data, but we are an independent organization supported by donations. We are truly thankful to all the individuals and private foundations that support innovative molecular biology at this institute. If you would like to make a donation, just fill out our donor form.